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Believe in Tomorrow

Sprout Up Schools began life as a community campaign called Believe in Tomorrow, created by Seonaid and her garden design business, Sprout Up.


In 2019, Seonaid ran a pilot Crowdfunder project aimed at helping to connect local inner city children with nature. She worked with 5 schools in South London, running gardening workshops leading children towards the goal of building a show garden at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival.


This garden was called Believe in Tomorrow. It was the first ever fully crowdfunded garden at an RHS show, won a Silver-Gilt medal from the RHS judges, and gave children permanent access to their own green spaces as key elements of the garden including the pond, seating areas, mag posts and raised beds, were retained and relocated back into the school communities that helped create it.


This project was always about more than just a show garden however. It proved that with community support and professional guidance, it is possible to alter the way schools incorporate natural spaces into their learning that builds a lasting legacy and that now, more than ever, schools need that support to thrive. 

And so Sprout Up Schools came into being...

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