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Jubilee Primary School

We have worked with Jubilee Primary School for over 7 years now and have delivered a range of different projects with them, including fully rebuilding and maintaining their school garden, creating a sensory garden and setting them up as a fully composting school.


We’ve partnered with other local social enterprises or businesses to source materials, provide training or deliver the design, but have also fully engaged the school community in each project. Staff, children and parents have got involved with fundraising, developing their learning about outdoor spaces, or dedicating volunteer time during the build and onward to maintain the gardens, so that their confidence and capability in the natural environment keep on growing. Below are just some of the initiatives which we have delivered.


Jubilee’s gardens and outdoor spaces continue to evolve and flourish, and we are incredibly proud of what we have achieved together and what we are looking to do in the future.

We recovered and rebuilt the school's primary garden which won the Blooming Lambeth Award for the best school garden in 2019.

Now in its 5th year, the garden is thriving. Whilst we provide overall maintenance, the school's gardening club is heavily involved. This was originally set up by Sprout Up, but is now run by teachers and has achieved a Level 4 RHS Campaign for School Gardening Award.

Jubilee's Parents Group raised funds to install a sensory garden, which we designed and delivered.


The garden features a mud kitchen, an enclosed pebble area for storytelling and maths, and a sensory path with different textures and sounds. The different spaces allow children the opportunity to explore, play or relax, and helps promote physical and mental wellbeing.

With the plot to plate initiative, produce from the school garden is used to directly supply the school's kitchen and children get to eat food that they have grown.


As well as creating school meals, vegetables were made into soup to sell at the school's winter fair, and elderflower cordial produced from the secret garden trees was sold at the summer fair.

Jubilee is a fully composting school! We worked with Lambeth council to get food caddies into classrooms to collect their fruit snack waste with gardening champions emptying these into the compost area. The kitchen, school office and premises officer all collect their compostable waste to be used in the garden. 

As well as reducing our environmental impact, composting is a valuable teaching tool about natural resources, food production and recycling.

With class tree planting, we have created a lasting legacy for the school. Each class was given a plaque and had to care for their tree as it grew. Now 3 years old, the trees are thriving with frequent weeding, mulching and watering by the children.