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Regenerating Early Years spaces - Jubilee Primary

A neglected area of the Early Years outdoor space had long been identified as an ideal setting for a SEN space but the project had been held up by COVID and funding constraints until we were able to maximise the budget by running it as a concurrent project alongside the pond and outdoor classroom.  


After clearing the site, we relocated earth dug up from the pond to level out the space and fill in beds. We installed a tree stumps gifted to us by a local supplier to use as seating as well as some beautiful willow swirls from a Hampton Court show garden which create a natural partition and lead to an area for storytelling underneath the existing weeping birch. 


At the same time, our pond contractor rebuilt a set of steps leading up to another newly cleared space for the nursery children – the steps had fallen into disrepair and were unsafe. Our team of volunteers helped lay them with stabilisation grids and gravel, also rehomed from a Hampton Court show garden, so that the nursery children have another peaceful and shaded spot for outside learning, play and reflection.

Rebuilding the steps

A new SEN space

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