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Understand, collaborate and inspire

Each school has different needs, ideas and budgets and it's our job to understand all of these, working with staff and community groups to find the best way forward.

The initial site visit and consultation is about information gathering, sharing suggestions and expertise to help make immediate changes, and really inspiring staff to see how they can use, develop and transform their school's outdoor spaces. 

We follow this up with a summary of the site visit and a proposal with suggested next steps and options for the school.

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We offer a range

of programmes to support schools

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Using our community partners, we can offer training for school staff to build confidence, skills and knowledge to use their gardens to their full potential in learning.

Teacher training

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We can help transform your existing outdoor space or create a new one. We start with a plan and depending on the scope of project, work with the school community or bring in our partner contractors to deliver it.

Create and regenerate

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We can provide ongoing outdoor support with regular maintenance visits from one of our gardening team, either during school hours so teachers and children get access to an expert gardener and can see what is happening, or out of hours to ensure safe distancing.



Gardening Clubs | Workshops

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We help schools plan and manage their own gardening clubs or run them for schools which don’t have capacity to manage this.

We can run one off workshops  for children on specific topics or deliver a programme of regular workshops throughout the year, exploring different aspects of the gardening cycle.

Gardening Club

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We can work with whatever budget a school has to dedicate to their outdoor space,

but we can also support them to find other ways of fundraising or securing grants.


Through our relationships with local businesses and community groups, we can help with sourcing affordable supplies or labour to build out the project.


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