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Creating an orchard - Christ Church Primary

The school wanted to reclaim an overgrown corner of their playground and transform it into an orchard, creating a refuge from the busyness of the main playground and allowing the children a quieter, safe space for reflection and wellbeing. After some initial grounds clearance, we led a volunteer day with a huge turnout from the school community to prepare the site, cutting back masses of overhanging ivy, digging out stubborn roots and turning over the soil before planting the bareroot trees. We returned to lay down 60m2 of wildflower turf that had been donated from a show garden, along with stabilisation grids and gravel to make a new winding path through the trees.


The result is a magical enclave - the trees will in time provide shade, absorb sound, reduce pollution and attract pollinators and birds as well as produce fruit, all the while providing a natural learning environment for the children as they are involved with their growth and care.

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